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"We were blessed to have our amazing ketubah made by Tessa. Tessa not only made our ketubah but also other Jewish art works. There is no way that we can truly express how thankful we are for what Tessa created for us. She not only took the time to speak to both my husband and I to see what we wanted incorporated but also spoke to our rabbi about wording. The art work is beyond believable, the attention to detail and the small elements added are a true depiction of who and what we stand for as a couple. We cannot thank her enough for ensuring the legal halachic document that is the start of our marriage encompass the beauty, elegance, peaceful and loving images we hope to maintain in our relationship. As a couple we highly recommend Tessa Samuels for your ketubah and other Jewish art work."



"My wife surprised me with a customised Ketubah from byTessa, and what a beautiful gift it was. We have framed and hung this magnificent, meaningful piece of art in our home and not only does it draw great comment from friends & family visiting our home, but it is a daily reminder for me of a day I love to think about."



"I always knew I wanted my Ketubah to hang on the wall of my home, but for that to happen I needed a special Ketubah. Thanks to Tessa, I now have a Ketubah more beautiful than I could have ever imagined hanging in my home. Thank you to Tessa for designing us a Ketubah that brings us happiness every time we walk past and see it!"



"I feel so proud and grateful that our beautiful Ketuba is on display in our home for everyone to see. A Ketuba is the most important part of a Jewish wedding. It is the foundation of which our marriage is built and we did not want something so important to be locked away in a safe for years to come. Every time I walk past our Ketuba I smile from ear to ear. Tessa's art is truly one of a kind. SO much love and effort went into creating our Ketuba. Not only did Tessa keep in constant communication with our Rabbi's, but with us too, making sure that we were happy. The end product completely over exceeded our expectations. Thank you Tess, for our magnificent Ketuba! Love Melanie"



"At one of the busiest, stressful and of course most exciting times of our lives, Tessa was absolutely unbelievable and such a pleasure to deal with! Tessa insisted on making our ketubah original - something individual to us - that incorporated Jewish symbols that are important to us and some of our own personal hobbies that mean a lot to us. Not only did Tessa consult with our Rabbi in South Africa on numerous occasions to ensure that the text was to his Hallacha and South African standards, but she also guided us and kept us in the loop from the very first draft. No question or suggestion was ever too much (including making our Ketubah on a very large piece of paper), and Tessa was always there to assist however she could. Everyone who sees our Ketubah goes mad for it and stands analysing every tiny detail that Tessa put in. To think that my husband and I started off reviewing​ the templates and then loving the Tallis template that we saw on her Facebook page and website, as it resembled how we were going to have our chuppah with the traditional Tallis and poles, to now see this magnificent ketubah that we look at every day that not only has the Tallis that we loved, but so many other elements that encompasses all we are as a married couple and all we wish for. The ketubah is now framed and displayed in my hallway and every time I walk past it, automatically, the biggest smile comes on my face. Thank you Tessa for your special, important and intricate role in our wedding - we are so blessed to have this artwork with us for the rest of our lives!"



"​Tessa’s work is a real piece of art. She created a bespoke Ketubah for my husband and I that is truly amazing. Tessa included us in process where necessary and liaised with our Rabbi to ensure that he was happy. 
The final product is simply stunning and it was so special to see it for the first time at our wedding. We have already recommended Tessa to our friends. It’s so special to be able to remember your wedding with this piece of art."



"Our beautiful custom made Ketubah was hand delivered to us in South Africa by Tessa. She exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond to produce exactly what we wanted! It is a work of art! Thanks so much to Tessa for all her hard work xxx"



"Our beautiful Ketubah arrived in South Africa and we could not have been more excited. Delicately wrapped along with a special message and pen from Tessa herself, we unrolled it to reveal the most magnificent piece of art! Tessa liaised with our Rabbi to confirm all the information (we didn't have to do a thing!) and the end product is everything we could have dreamed of. It now hangs in our home as a beautiful reminder of our wedding day and the commitment we have made to each other. Thank you byTessa for this amazing piece and for the excellent service!"


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