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About Tessa


Tessa was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Growing up in a traditional Jewish home, she attended a secular Jewish Day school where she was introduced to both traditional and religious views of Judaism. Her Jewish views were widened when she later started interacting with key Jewish figures in her community.

After high school Tessa went on to study a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art and later graduated with a BA Honours Dramatic Art, majoring in Design, and thesis in Events Mangement. During her studies she also majored in Conceptual Sculpture as well as completed modules in life drawing, painting, print making and photography.

After university Tessa entered the corporate world, starting in Events Management and then taking on the role as Operations Manager within a media business. Moving to London to follow a career opportunity within the Online Marketing industry, working within Project Management positions, Tessa decided to pursue her love of art and drawing and started byTessa in 2011, which started with creating contemporary Jewish art incorporating Jewish metal objects. She has been requested to create commissioned pieces, and has lead her to start working on Ketubahs as well.

A word from the artist
“I love working in pencil, I love the way that the lines and texture work against paper. I started incorporating colour into my work because colour is such a special part of our lives. Adding a small amount of colour changes a piece, changes the feeling one has in relation to an expression on paper. 

Light and shadow, and the way it shapes the world and objects fascinates me. I love the strong contrast of light and shadow. Shadows fall over colour and this has lead me to work with lead pencil over colour.

Concepts, technique and beauty combined for me create art that I love, I hope that you do to.”

Availability and Purchasing
Pieces are available for purchase. All works are Limited Edition Series of Giclee Prints. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing any pieces on the website or would like to commission a piece - Bespoke Ketubah Design (which become part of the Collection as a Limited Edition Series) or an Original piece (which is a once off piece).

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